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Howard Overby one of the cast members from the hit CBS show, Big Brother. He’s also on the Bold and the Beautiful, and he has appeared on a number of other shows and has spoken at a number of anti-bullying events ever since.

Howard Overby is 30 year old native of Hattiesburg, MS. Howard currently works as an actor. He has appeared on several projects including the CBS reality show Big Brother 15 and the soap opera hit The Bold and The Beautiful. Howard also does speaking engagements for youth at schools, and young adults and men at churches and in communities, with an emphasis on high students and young adults in the area of anti-bullying, self motivation, dream builder, life skills, and anti- gang membership. Howard has visited several schools between Mississippi and Edmonton, Canada. Howard is also works endlessly in the community working with the homeless shelters in the city of Hattiesburg. He is also a Zija international user and supplier because he believes in not just looking healthy but being healthy and pure on the inside and promoting life with the harsh diets and workout regiments. Howard is a currently working on his license as a personal trainer and going back to school for his masters.

Howard is a 2006 graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi where he received a bachelors in psychology and a minor in sports administration. He also received a full scholarship to play football there as well. Howard is a devout Christian an very involved in his church with the youth and arts ministry.

Howard has a passion for acting and philanthropy. His goal is to help end bullying with young children by fostering a mentor-type environment through physical education.

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